I made this smoker about 3 years ago

Made from an old metal 4 draw filing cabinet from freegle it's not the most attractive gadget I own but it does a dam good job.

The top two draws are cut away to allow meat to be hung. The smoke source sits in the bottom draw. 

In my case the smoke source is this neat little baby

The channels are filled with "Smoke Dust" and will produce smoke for ten hours fully loaded

The dust is set smoldering by a night-light candle and placed in the bottom draw of the smoker. The screw allows for easy removal.

I let the cabinet fill with smoke before adding the goodies

On this session I am also smoking some cheese

Its dead simple, adds great flavour and turns a ordinary chedder into a premium product. I just bought 1Kg of M&S "Mouse-Trap" sliced into just over 100g portions (Gives a more even smoke penetration than doing the block as a whole.)