I've been making my own sausage for some time now and so this was an obvious thing to do with some of this pig. 

Add the seasoning mix of you choice to about 3.5Kg of minced pork. I get my seasoning mixes and casings from Weschenfelder's  

Add about 350g of Iced water. I put a large bowl of water in the deep freeze and get it out when it has just frozen over. Give this a good mixing.

 Add a further 350g of iced water and again mix well. Then add 350g of Dried Pinhead Rusk this is also available from  Weschenfelder's  

Mix thoroughly and run through the mincer again.

Rinse and soak the casings I usually put them into to soak just before bed the night before a sausage making session.

Put the stuffing attachment on the mincer and load casings onto the nozzle

Push the "On" button and gently feed off the sausage onto a tray

And thats it first batch of sausage done. In all I made about 9Kg with different seasonings some I will smoke the others I have frozen. The sausage that will be smoked need to hang for a day or so to dry out first.